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The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group Inc.

The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group Inc. (TCCG) consists of Landcare volunteers dedicated to the eradication of Wheel Cactus (Opuntia robusta). We provide advice and assistance to property owners and community members to encourage and motivate everyone to control this noxious weed. Our volunteer “Cactus Warriors” are available to discuss and demonstrate best practice control techniques and provide free loans of equipment. In collaboration with Parks Victoria, we hold informal community field days to help control Wheel Cactus infestations in Maldon Historic Reserve and provide an opportunity for volunteer community members to assist in preserving our native environment. These field days also provide an opportunity to meet neighbours and form local neighbourhood action groups. View our video to catch the ‘cactus warriors’ in action.

TCCG volunteers also provide demonstrations for other Landcare and weed control groups and conduct trials of new control techniques. We raise awareness of the extent of the Wheel Cactus problem and its status as a Weed of National Significance through regular media releases, information brochures and stalls, participation in local community events and networking both locally and nationally.

Thank you Cactus Warriors and Supporters

Our TCCG volunteers are called the ‘Cactus Warriors’. We have a fantastic team of volunteers with a broad range of skills who work very well together and achieve great things. Sincere thanks to all our current and past Cactus Warriors; we welcome anyone new who is interested to help us control this highly invasive, noxious weed. Please contact us via our email link.

The ‘Cactus Warriors’ also thank the many other environment groups and government departments who support our work. These include: