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A big shout-out to the Wheel Cactus Lone Warriors!

By February 19, 2024Latest News

At this time of the year, in areas around Maldon, you can certainly notice the Wheel Cactus asserting its presence; small ones popping up and mature plants displaying their distinct yellow blooms and dark red fruit atop their cladodes or “wheels.” It’s a stark reminder that Wheel Cactus remains an ongoing challenge in the area, persisting in the Historic Reserve, along roadsides, and on private properties.

Dealing with this invasive weed, we have some quiet heroes among us – Lone Wheel Cactus Warriors –  they are out there tackling plants in their own quiet dedicated way after borrowing an injector kit or calling in for a refill of herbicide. Whether it’s diligently uprooting and disposing of smaller specimens or venturing out with a backpack injector kit to administer herbicide to larger ones, these individuals make a significant impact.

To the Lone Warriors, it must sometimes feel like a solitary battle, with progress incremental. But rest assured, every Wheel Cactus dispatched, every fruiting prevented, every injection administered, is a valuable contribution. For your dedication and efforts, the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (TCCG) and concerned locals extend heartfelt gratitude.

The more Lone Warriors that are out there the better and if it is something that you could undertake while out walking or driving to and from Maldon then please know you would be making a difference. If you would like to borrow an injecting kit to tackle any large Wheel Cactus you are aware of, you can contact the TCCG.

Together, let’s keep up the fight against Wheel Cactus and preserve the beauty of our beautiful Maldon and surrounds