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A Successful Working Bee

By September 25, 2023Latest News

Buying a property with infestations of Wheel Cactus is not for the faint hearted. It comes with the need to invest a significant amount of time and resources to remove the Wheel Cactus to meet the legal responsibilities associated with owning land infested with this Weed of National Significance.

So, it is a credit to the new owners of 39 Baringhup Road , Jane and Damian for making themselves fully aware of the issues presented by the Wheel Cactus infestation on their property. When they turned to the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (TCCG) for advice and support the committee opted for a General Working Bee, a departure from the previous full-scale Field Days.

TCCG committee members have divvied up the responsibility for bringing along the necessary resources to a Working Bee, as they embrace the mantra of many hands make light work. The property owner graciously provided a delicious lunch of Chili Con Carne, rice, corn muffins, guacamole, and accompaniments.  A lovely reminder, that unlike Wheel Cactus, cuisine is a positive import from Mexico.

The collaborative effort involving 25 participants, including neighbours, TCCG committee members, and dedicated volunteer Cactus Warriors, proved highly successful. While a substantial amount of Wheel Cactus was injected in the morning, there remains a considerable journey ahead for Jane and Damian. However, if they arrange any follow-up measures, we are confident that the local Cactus Warriors, especially the immediate neighbours, will readily offer their assistance. Aware of the scale of Wheel Cactus infestation Jane and Damian are investigating the full range of possible options to deal with such a large-scale infestation of Wheel Cactus, including obtaining a chemical users permit.

As always, the TCCG extend our sincere appreciation to all the dedicated Cactus Warriors who generously give their time and share their skills to ensure that ongoing endeavours continue to curtail the proliferation of Wheel Cactus. Together, we are safeguarding the natural beauty of our area.