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Neighbourly Cooperation – A strategy for success in the fight against Wheel Cactus

By August 18, 2023Latest News

The initiative taken by TCCG to support neighbourhood groups who establish small-scale Working Bees is proving to be very successful. Recently a team of 10 met at a Baringhup property and spent an hour injecting Wheel Cactus before enjoying a simple lunch of soup and bread roll. For this landowner there was not enough Wheel Cactus to require a traditional Field Day, but with an hour of work, a significant infestation of reasonably sized Wheel Cactus was dealt with.

The team of 10 was comprised of neighbours committed to collaborative action to deal with the Wheel Cactus on their properties, dedicated Cactus Warriors who responded to the TCCG email calling for assistance and TCCG committee members who brought along equipment including injectors.

Could this approach work for you or your neighbours? The formula for success entails establishing your neighbourhood or community group, coordinating a suitable time for a working bee, liaising with TCCG should you need more people to help or equipment, having the property owner host a casual gathering with refreshments, whether it be coffee & cake or a simple lunch. The outcome is an extremely productive and enjoyable social event centred around Wheel Cactus eradication.

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