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Wheel Cactus; Free tip disposal – definitely!

By June 8, 2024Latest News

Mount Alexander Shire Council and Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (TCCG) are continuing to work together to offer a hassle-free solution to disposing of Wheel Cactus – completely free of charge at the Maldon Transfer Station.

If you are engaged in the removal of Wheel Cactus, whether it’s a bucketful or a trailer load, you can easily dispose of it at the Maldon Transfer Station without any cost. This offers a great incentive to Warriors to clear patches of small, easily removed Wheel Cactus before they grow large and unwieldy and before they bear fruit.

Despite a recent transition in staff, TCCG and Council assures residents that this disposal offer remains current and ongoing. To ensure everyone is informed, TCCG has implemented visible strategies at the transfer station. A fence sign at the entrance and informative signage in the office serve as reminders of this beneficial disposal opportunity.

This initiative exemplifies the partnerships forged by TCCG with relevant stakeholders, ensuring that those dedicated to eradicating Wheel Cactus from our environment have the necessary support. By eliminating tip fees, this program not only facilitates the removal process but also encourages community involvement in preserving our local ecosystems.