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All Cacti are Introduced Species

By October 15, 2019Latest News

A rope cactus species growing on ANZAC Hill could become another major cactus problem.

No cacti plants are native to Australia; all are introduced species from the American continents. Not only the Wheel Cactus species (Opuntia robusta), but all other cacti plants are foreigners too, and all pose an unknown threat to our native environment. Prickly Pear, Hudson Pear, Rope Cactus and Choral Cactus are examples of other Opuntia cacti species that have also escaped into the environment and invaded other regions of Australia.

Especially with changing climate patterns and predicted hotter and drier conditions in the future, we’ll need to be more vigilant in weed control to sustain our healthy native ecosystems.

Opportunistic plants that escape from gardens can cause enormous trauma to native animals, livestock, and property owners by smothering our natural landscapes.

You can help future-proof our beautiful native environment and avoid potential new cacti invasions by choosing from various native succulent species, making sure you never buy a cactus species from the Family of Cactaceae, when you need drought tolerant plants for your garden.