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Congratulations Cactus Warriors – again!

By | Awards, Easter Parade

Congratulations to the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group ‘cactus warriors’ who entered another fantastic float in the annual Maldon Easter Parade, and won the ‘Best Community Entry’ award – again! This year’s entry was an amazing model of a crow (the major culprit for spreading wheel cactus seeds)  which was accompanied…

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Let’s Celebrate

By | Celebrations

This excellent example of before- and after-injection treatment of a Wheel Cactus infestation was at a property in Waterson’s Road. (Photos courtesy of D. Gibson) It may seem difficult to believe sometimes, but the Wheel Cactus invasion can be defeated. This is thanks to many volunteers and landowners, contractors and…

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Community Field Day to help Heritage Reserve

By | Field Days

Wheel Cactus seeds are most commonly spread by crows (Australian Ravens) eating the luscious red fruit and later flying to a nearby tree to digest and excrete the seeds. So, the plants very easily spread from property to property, to parks and native bush, with no regard to fence lines…

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‘Therapy’ at our next Community Field Day

By | Field Days

Everyone who’s tried killing Wheel Cactus agrees; it’s very therapeutic! Say goodbye to the winter blues and release all your tensions. There’s something rather satisfying gained from jabbing the injector into the pads of these noxious weeds, and very meditative wandering amongst the picturesque surroundings. Combined with the sheer pleasure…

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Cactus Warriors Win Landcare Award

By | Awards

Several members of the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group trekked down to Government House last Friday because the group and Ian Grenda were both finalists in the Victorian Landcare Awards for 2017. We were very impressed by the stunning building and surrounds, and very excited just to be there. But we…

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All Cacti Species are Introduced

By | Cactus

Any of the many different cacti species have the potential to escape from an urban garden and cause major environmental destruction, as Wheel Cactus (Opuntia robusta) has done in our region. Vectors such as birds and foxes can easily transport seeds from a garden to local bushland or farm. Often…

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New Map of Wheel Cactus in Victoria

By | Research

  The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group has recently completed a project aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about Wheel Cactus. One of the valuable outcomes from this project is the construction a new map showing the distribution of Wheel Cactus infestations in Victoria. The ever enthusiastic, young, local environmentalist Max…

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