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All Cacti Species are Introduced

By August 21, 2017June 14th, 2018Cactus

Any of the many different cacti species have the potential to escape from an urban garden and cause major environmental destruction, as Wheel Cactus (Opuntia robusta) has done in our region. Vectors such as birds and foxes can easily transport seeds from a garden to local bushland or farm. Often cactus plants become no longer desired and if dumped, will readily re-root and continue to grow wherever they end up, because they’re so hardy and undemanding.

All cacti are non-native plants, introduced into Australia from North or South America. All species of Opuntia cacti (e.g. prickly pears, rope cacti, etc.) have been declared Weeds of National Significance since 2012, because they are highly invasive and have extremely negative impacts on primary industry and our natural flora and fauna. These cacti should not be planted anywhere in Australia.

TCCG is here to help you destroy your Wheel Cactus. If you want to know more then please join us at our next Community Field Day on Sunday 27th August, starting at 10:30am and finishing with a friendly BBQ lunch. We’ll meet in Tarrangower School Rd., accessed via South Parkins Reef Rd., a few kms south of Maldon. These events are family friendly, but all children must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

Don’t forget that Mt. Alexander Shire offers a rate rebate of 20% to landholders who have undertaken environmental protection works on their property. Landowners can also earn a yearly rate reduction if they have a conservation covenant. For further information, contact the Shire on 5471 1700.