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Dig and Dispose of Small Wheel Cactus Plants

By September 7, 2019Control, Funding, Latest News

Sign at Maldon Transfer Station

Thanks to renewed funding from Mount Alexander Shire Council, Wheel Cactus plants can again be disposed of FREE at the Maldon Transfer Station. This is a great incentive to dig up Wheel Cactus plants while they’re still small and before they’ve started producing fruit and seeds. Hopefully it will also encourage everyone to not ignore any outlying plants they see starting to grow in new areas.

Small Wheel Cacti are really easy to dig up because they are very shallow rooted plants. And to help, digging hoes and buckets can be borrowed from the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group. Digging up small plants also means less chemicals are needed to be purchased and used when plants are left to grow to maturity.

Alas, there is a limit of one trailer load per property each financial year, because the funding is limited and because Wheel Cactus infestations are so widely spread and affect so many properties. However, if you do have larger or greater numbers of Wheel Cactus plants you’d like to dig up, we recommend that you dig a big hole on your property and dump and bury them on site (also saving you the time, effort and cost of carting to the tip).