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New Local Law for Weed Control in Mt. Alexander Shire

By September 26, 2021Latest News

Springtime is full of glorious growth and colour, but alas this also includes some species that don’t belong. Some introduced plants have invaded our native landscapes and cause enormous problems to our native wildlife and our local farmers. Wheel Cactus (Opuntia robusta), from Mexico, is one of these introduced plants. Uncontrolled infestations of this cactus prevents growth of our indigenous plants, which causes an imbalance in the native ecosystem and lack of food source for native insects, birds etc.

Mount Alexander Shire Council have recently released a revised version of their Local Law, which includes a new Bylaw specific to the Control of Noxious Weeds (Clause 19). This new law makes it easier for Bylaw Officers to impose management of noxious weeds by landowners and will help reduce the spread of weeds. This will be especially effective for problem weed infestations on properties with absent owners, who are sometimes oblivious of their noxious weed responsibilities. If there’s a Wheel Cactus infestation on a neighbouring property but you cannot connect with the landowner, don’t hesitate to contact the Mt. Alexander Shire Bylaw Officer for assistance.

If you need any help and/or advice on how to control your Wheel Cactus infestation, then please contact us via the contact link. Hopefully we’ll be able to hold a regular community field day at the end of October.