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Students Enjoy Annual Field Trip

By August 15, 2019August 18th, 2019Students

Late last month a group of Monash University students made their annual field trip to Maldon to help win our battle against Wheel Cactus.  These enthusiastic young people spent three day working around the Maldon Historic Reserve and, despite some extremely cold and wet weather, made a great contribution to reducing the number of Wheel Cactus plants.

Members of the Monash Biological Society have been assisting the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group since 2012, and thoroughly enjoy their trip out into the bush. “We get to see real weed problems, learn about environmental weed issues and control techniques and it’s really rewarding to help out a bit” said Emma, one of the students.

Visiting groups such as these energetic students are possible due to funding provided by Landcare Victoria and the North Central Catchment Management Authority.  These grants cover the cost of equipment and catering for these valuable student trips.

Thank you all, the young ones and our funding bodies, for your help!