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Wheel Cactus in Maldon Street !!!

By June 25, 2015June 22nd, 2018Cactus, Control

Wheel Cactus near Maldon Hospital

This Wheel Cactus is real – no trick photography!

This photo hasn’t been photo-shopped or digitally enhanced in any way; Wheel Cactus is now growing in the middle of town! Recently on her daily constitutional, ‘Cactus Warrior Bubbles’ spotted some small Wheel Cactus plants in Chapel Street. Her mother ‘Cactus Warrior Jan’ was amazed to find this weed growing right in front of the Maldon Hospital. So beware all gardeners, you may find a very prickly pest growing in your beautiful garden. If so, please pull it out by the roots, which is easy as they shallow rooted. You can dispose of Wheel Cactus in your domestic rubbish bin and it’ll be buried with the waste. Wheel Cactus has the ability to regenerate so please don’t leave it lying on the ground as it will continue to grow.

If you’d like to learn how to most effectively kill Wheel Cactus plants, please join us at our next Community Field Day on Sunday 28th June, at a property in Cooks Lane just a few km north of Maldon. To get there, follow Bridgewater Road to the Baringhup turn off and turn sharp left instead of going to Baringhup. The route will be well signposted from Bridgewater Road. The morning’s activities begin at 10:30am and end with an enjoyable free BBQ lunch and friendly chat. If you have any queries please contact Ian on 0412 015 807 or contact the committee via this website Contact page.