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Wheel Cactus Website Launched

By August 25, 2013June 22nd, 2018Archives

The launch of our very own website is exciting news from the Tarrangower Wheel Cactus Group. This long desired wish has been realised thanks to Max Schlachter from Connecting Country, who very kindly provided funds for the creation of the website.


Our website was officially launched in July by a few dedicated cactus warriors sharing a very enjoyable lunch and later exploring our new site. Pictured is (from left) Ian Grenda, Max Schlachter, Bronwyn Silver, Lee Mead, Jan Elliott and Noel Muller (Parks Victoria).

Of course it’s an interactive site and we’re hoping to communicate with, and get feedback from, folk residing near and far. Please encourage interested people to subscribe by registering their email address on the website.

Our site will educate and inform people about the very immediate and local problem we have with Wheel Cactus which is rapidly spreading from Maldon towards other nearby towns such as Castlemaine. We also hope to enlighten people, especially the younger age group, to the enormous threat such introduced weeds pose to our environment and primary industries. Finally we hope to encourage more folk to join our group and also entertain with some photos of our past adventures.

Special thanks to our committee member Bridie O’Reilly for doing much of the ground work for the construction of our website. She has contributed many hours of work over the past few months, planning the content and organising the collection and uploading of material. And thanks also to Bronwyn Silver who has volunteered to administer the sit/; a new cactus warrior with some very helpful skills.