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Community Field Days Postponed

By April 5, 2020Field Days, Latest News

In line with current government restrictions on group activities, the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group committee advises that our Wheel Cactus Community Field Days will be postponed until further notice. Hopefully the Covid-19 crisis will be over within a few months and we’ll be able to hold a couple of field days before next summer arrives. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, why not become a ‘Lone Warrior’? There are many thousands of Wheel Cactus plants out there still just waiting to be killed! Why not get outdoors and get some exercise while doing something positive and constructive during this time of isolation. Controlling Wheel Cactus can be achieved while still keeping to the ‘social distancing’ rules. But please remember that you always need permission from the landowner before accessing their private property, and all activities are at your own risk.

If anyone needs a hoe and buckets to dig or an injector kit, then we can safely arrange a loan by drop-off or pick-up without even setting eyes on one other! And if you dig up Wheel Cactus plants, don’t forget they can be disposed of free of charge at the Maldon Transfer Station (special trailer load limits apply). This facility is still open for business, but if they close, or if you only have a bucket or two, then the plants can be disposed of in your general domestic waste bin (they then end up buried in landfill). Until we meet again, everyone please take care and stay active and well.