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Congratulations Cactus Warriors – Best Community Entry

By April 15, 2020Awards, Easter Parade

We’ve done it again – no virus will dampen our spirits! The Tarrangower Cactus Control Group has been awarded the ‘Best Community Entry’ in this year’s Maldon ‘Virtual’ Easter Parade. Our winning entry is attached – how could such happy volunteers and fabulous costumes not win?! Haven’t seen the virtual parade? – just log onto the Maldon Easter Fair Facebook page.

Anyone hankering to get outdoors and attack some Wheel Cactus and needing equipment, please let us know¬†and we’ll provide an injector or hoe and buckets. If you need some directions to where there’s a good ‘isolated’ area with plants to attack, we can suggest some good locations. At the moment Jan and Lee are concentrating on the area of park bordered by ANZAC Track, Ridge Track and Parkin’s Reef Rd. Please let us know if there’s an area you’re already working on so that no-one doubles up.