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Free Disposal of Wheel Cactus at Maldon Transfer Station

By July 23, 2021Control, Funding

Dig up small Wheel Cactus plants and dispose of them FREE at the Maldon Tip

Thanks to renewed funding from Mount Alexander Shire Council, Wheel Cactus plants can still be disposed of FREE at the Maldon Transfer Station. This is a great incentive to dig up Wheel Cactus plants, especially while they’re still small and really easy to dig up, before they’ve started producing fruit and seeds.

Digging small plants also means using less herbicides, which is great for your pocket and the environment. Wheel Cactus plants are easy to dig because they’re very shallow rooted plants, plus you can leave roots behind because they don’t regrow from the root system.

Because Wheel Cactus infestations are so widespread locally and affect so many properties, the free limit is one trailer load per property. But if you do have large numbers of Wheel Cactus plants you’d like to dig up, we recommend you create a large pit on your property and dump and bury them on site.